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Flu A/Flu B Antigen
2 in 1 Combo Test

Key features and details:

Flu A/Flu B Antigen 2 in 1 Combo Test (Colloidal Gold) is a rapid immunoassay designed to qualitatively detect Influenza Virus type A and Influenza Virus type B antigen in nasopharyngeal swab specimens. It aids in diagnosing infections caused by these viruses.

Packaging Size:  

25 Tests



Product Description:

Flu A/Flu B Antigen 2 in 1 Combo Test (Colloidal Gold) is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay designed for the qualitative detection of Influenza Virus type A and Influenza Virus type B antigens in human nasopharyngeal swab specimens. The test uses the principle of the double antibody sandwich method. The nitrocellulose membrane is coated with mouse anti-Flu A/Flu B monoclonal antibodies and goat anti-mouse IgG antibody. Another set of mouse anti-Flu A/Flu B monoclonal antibodies are conjugated with colloidal gold. If Flu A/Flu B antigens are present in the specimen, they will bind to the antibodies conjugated with colloidal gold to form complexes. These complexes are then captured by the antibodies coated on the membrane, forming a purple-red line (Test line, T). The control line (C) ensures the test is performed correctly by binding to goat anti-mouse IgG antibody and presenting a purple-red line.



Disease Screened:

Influenza A, Influenza B

Analyte / Target:

Influenza A Virus, Influenza B Virus

Packaging Size

25 Tests

Sample Type:

Nasopharyngeal Swab

Diagnostic Platforms:

Rapid Test

Diagnostic Solutions:

Infectious Disease

Species Reactivity:



  • Compared with adults, children are more likely to spread the virus widely and for a long time, so the sensitivity to children's detection may be higher than that of adults.

  • This product is a one-time in vitro diagnostic reagent. Do not use expired products.

  • Results read after 30 minutes are considered invalid.

  • The temperature of the experiment environment should be avoided too high or too low; the test stored at low temperature needs to be restored to room temperature and then opened to avoid moisture absorption.

  • In case of long-term exposure to the environment, the product should be used within 1 hour of opening the pouch.

  • Use fresh specimens whenever possible, and do not use repeated freeze-thaw samples.

  • Please use the sample extract provided with this reagent, and do not mix different batches of the test and extraction diluent.

  • Sample collection should be accurate. Improper sample collection or processing may result in false negative results.

  • If a sample initially tests positive for Flu A, further confirmation is required. If necessary, consult your local public health prevention agency.

  • For testing Influenza A viruses or subtypes, small changes in epitopes due to small mutations in the nucleic acid sequence may result in negative results.

  • Follow standard biosafety guidelines for handling and disposal of potentially infectious material.

  • There is a desiccant in the aluminum foil pouch, which should not be taken.

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