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12 Panel Drug Urine Test Cup (AMP,BAR,BUP,BZO,COC,MET,

Product Overview

BEB Multi-Drug Urine Test Cup is a straightforward and secure solution designed for detecting various drugs in human urine. This all-in-one tool not only identifies the presence of specific substances but also checks if the urine sample has been tampered with, ensuring more reliable results.

Product Features

  • Easy to Use: No need for complex procedures – collect, wait for 5 minutes, and read the results.

  • Multiple Drug Detection: Can test up to 18 different drugs

  • Temperature strip included

  • Comprehensive test: test 12 different drug use at the same time 

  • Cut-off:  AMP 1000, BAR 300, BUP 10, BZO 300, COC 300, MET 1000, MDMA 500, MOP 300, MTD 300, OXY 100, PCP 25, THC 50

Note:More test items are coming.

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